Bundesarbeitskreis Arbeit und Leben e.V. DGB/VHS

Work and Life

Ordinary Member

Mrs. Barbara Menke (Business-Director)

Robertstraße 5a

42107 Wuppertal, Germany

Tel.: (0049) 202 97 404 0

bildung (at) arbeitundleben.de



Mission statement

ARBEIT UND LEBEN: Working toward a democratic culture of citizen participation

We are a youth and adult political education institution that is supported by the German Federation of Trade Unions and the German Associations of Adult Education.

It was the common will of both partners to improve the standing of further education for workers and employees in society and at the workplace and to support the democratic reconstruction after 1945.

With its regional organisations in each of the federal states and approximately 150 local and regional institutions organised together under the umbrella of the national committee, ARBEIT UND LEBEN (WORK AND LIFE) is present nationwide and reaches approximately 300,000 youth and adults each year.

The national committee looks after the political interests of advancing further education for ARBEIT UND LEBEN at the national level, is active in politically promoting the interests of its members, and offers its expertise in generating a fresh impetus to political education through innovative projects nationwide.

Main activities

We organise and accompany learning processes through workshops, seminars, international meetings, local initiatives and projects that focus on the following topics: work and educationeconomy and social developmentmigrationand integrationcommunication and the mediacivil society and politicsco-determination and participationEuropean development processesglobalisation and sustainability

We also develop and offer additional formats and topics in collaboration with groups and cooperation partners.

International cooperation

In the context of globalisation, international educational activities must increasingly communicate knowledge about global problems and their causes. Europe must become more tightly integrated: the analysis of socio-political developments in neighbouring countries is therefore becoming increasingly important when considering Europe's future.

The range of international educational activities includes:

Intercultural exchange-programmes

Exchanges involving youth and young adults from different countries encourage them to think about their own life and career prospects, as well as expand their horizons and help them establish contacts and make new friends around the world.

Vocational placements abroad

Apprentices, professionals and vocational education and training specialists have the opportunity to broaden their professional skills, intercultural awareness and foreign language skills.

Educational leave abroad

Travelling together and "learning at another location" encourages participants to learn about themselves, be open to new experiences, exchange opinions, gain insights and take a more holistic view.

The educational activities organised by ARBEIT UND LEBEN, together with a number of international partners, are co-funded by ministries, youth organisations and coordinating bodies and the European Commission.

International projects

EU-projects (Grundtvig / LdV)


Project-Publications and documents are available for download.