Arbeitsgemeinschaft Katholisch-Sozialer Bildungswerke in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (AKSB)

Association for Catholic-Social Educational Centres in the Federal Republic of Germany

Associate Member

Mr. Lothar Harles

Heilsbachstr. 6

53123 Bonn, Germany

Tel.: (0049) 22 828 929 30

info (at) , harles (at)

Mission statement

The Christian understanding of humanity and Christian social ethics are the basis of our educational work. We presented our self-conception in 1998 at the “Convention on Catholic-Socially Oriented Political Youth and Adult Education in the AKSB”. According to our understanding the human being is the starting point and goal of all political activity. With our political education we want to help people to judge political processes and sharpen their sense for responsible cooperation in political and social life.

According to Christian conviction, human beings are meant to be free and at the same time made to live in a community. Thus he or she has the right to develop his of her capabilities freely, but also with the obligation to cooperate for the wellbeing of the community. The relationship between a person and the community is oriented on the fundamental principles of fairness, subsidiarity, solidarity and alignment with the common good. Maintaining peace, conserving creation, the peaceful living together of cultures and religions and securing the future for future generations are essential principles of our educational work.

Main activities

The AKSB is a professional organisation for adult and youth political education, which is active nationwide. We represent about 60 Catholic academies, educational institutes, clubs and associations. Our member organisations offer educational courses in which information on important subjects are provided and questions regarding social cohabitation as well as social-ethical orientation are contemplated. As a Catholic association we contribute to diversity in non-formal and adult education.

Every year we run over 700 political educational events that span several days. With our events we reach about 20.000 people of all ages regardless of their political, ideological, and cultural affiliation. We cooperate with schools, universities, businesses or associations. We our educational events – planned, implemented and assessed by qualified personnel – we pursue the following goals:

  • Provide information on political structures and problems as well as political questions in the fields of culture and science, economy and society;
  • Imparting skills for political participation and civil-social commitment;
  • Encouraging and motivating youth and adults to play a part in political processes;
  • Dealing with subjects of national European and international significance.

International projects


Work results are published on the AKSB homepage and in books on a regular basis. In addition, the information on our databank "Didactic Documentation" serves to secure work results on different issues of our educational work.