Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Deutschland - Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft e.V. (KEB Deutschland e.V.)

Catholic Adult Education of Germany

Ordinary Member

Joachimstrasse 1

53113 Bonn, Germany

Tel.: (0049) 228 902 47 012

keb (at) keb-deutschland.de


Main activities

The KEB represents the interests of the Catholic providers of adult education vis-à-vis the German Federal Government, the German Bishops’ Conference and the EU in Brussels. The KEB is a member of the KAW (Council for Continuing Education – Rat der Weiterbildung), the FEECA (European Federation for Catholic Adult Education) and the EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults). The KEB is constantly developing a contemporary understanding of adult education supplied by Catholic  providers, that it represents and discusses in position statements, symposiums and academic publications.

The KEB organizes national projects and symposiums. Its aim is to continuously develop the quality of adult education and topics surrounding the subject in Germany. The KEB publishes a quarterly periodical on theory and practice called EB Erwachsenenbildung (adult education), book series, publication series and information services.

International projects

Responsible: Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Deutschland e.V. (KEB)

This is the first project to address journalistic competence as an important professional competence of adult education staff. While some universities offer studies in adult education, we know that nevertheless there is a high number of adult education staff who does not have formal training in adult education and in particular in journalistic work. Therefore the main objective for the project is to increase the professionalization and quality within the adult education sector, with special focus on information work of adult education staff. Adult education actors must improve their competencies in communication in particular with the actors of other countries, backgrounds and cultures.

The foundation and starting point of this strategic partnership is the European InfoNet Adult Education Grundtvig network (www.infonet-ae.eu), which has developed since 2005 and is now comprehensive information portal on adult education in Europe, based on professional journalistic contributions from correspondents all over Europe.

Journalistic competence

One Partner of ELM: Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Deutschland e.V. (KEB)

Elm (European Lifelong Learning Magazine) is a free online magazine on lifelong learning and adult education. It is the only journalistic medium of adult education with a European scope and with a continent-wide correspondent network.

Elm was born in the autumn of 2015 as a result of a merger of two online media, LLinE (Lifelong Learning in Europe) and InfoNet Adult Education. Elm keeps the best traditions of its predecessor media alive: LLinE was well-known in the field for its high-quality journalism. InfoNet was a strong network bringing together professionals from the main adult education organizations in Europe. Elm thus combines LLinE's quality with the unrivalled content-producing network of InfoNet.

Elm’s main target group is the adult education professional, in Europe and beyond. Our main readers are educators, advocates and workers in adult education organizations. Also decision makers and academics find interesting content in Elm.


  • a quarterly periodical on theory and practice called EB Erwachsenenbildung (adult education)
  • book series, publication series and information services
  • activity report

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