Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V.

Adult Education Centre in the District of Cham e.V.

Associate Member

Pfarrer-Seidl-Str. 1

93413 Cham, Germany

Tel.: (0049) 997 18 5010

info (at) vhs-cham.de


Mission statement

The Adult Education Centre in the District of Cham e.V. has been performing the task of adult education for more than 20 years. From its humble origins as a voluntary organization, it has developed and grown over the years into a modern service company, which not only caters for the classics like business and careers, languages, health, modern living and culture, but also works closely with important groups within society. The institution also successfully promotes international exchange and cooperation.

Main activities

  • Seminars for key skills such as self-management, rhetoric, project organization, negotiating skills, working methods
  • Courses for basic commercial and technical skills
  • Customized training for companies, authorities and other institutions
  • IT training for every level, including prior in-depth consultation
  • Internationally recognised degrees with certification (Xpert, euWiP, eur´íc) in the areas of IT, key skills and economic competence, designed to improve career opportunities
  • Workshops on impact and utilization of new media
  • Qualifying courses for jobseekers or people affected by unemployment
  • Special training for women who want to get back to work
  • Train the trainer program
  • Educational Guidance
  • Upgrade Trainings with Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • State-approved Vocational School for Geriatric Nursing and Care of the Elderly
  • State-approved Vocational School for Physiotherapy
  • School for Technical Education in Precision Machining Technology

International projects

  • Citizenship Language Pack For Migrants,2011-2013, Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdels, Italy, www.l-pack.eu
  • Recognition and validation of non-formal and informal competencies in the context of National Qualification, 2011-2013, Coordinator, www.kode-project.eu,
  • Going Places with Languages in Europe, 2001-2013, University of Wolverhampton, LNfE, Great Britain, www.going-places.eu
  • Addressing Youth Unemployment through Soft Skills Coaching Programmes, 2011-2013, ADESEMA, Spain, www.yuss-leonardo.eu
  • Fostering 'Active Learning' Approach to Adult Education, 2011-2013, Lycée d’enseignement professionnel privé rural Jeanne Antide, France, www.falatae.com,
  • +APL (Accreditation of prior learning), 2012-2014, Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Portugal / Narodowe Forum Doradztwa Kariery, Poland, www.plusapl.net,
  • DAVE, 2013-2015, IIR Associazione Idee in Rete, Italy, www.daveproject.eu, www.facebook.com/daveprojecteu
  • LOQUET (Learning Outcomes in Quality in Education and Training), 2012-2014, Wyzsza Szkola Zarzadzania i Prawa im. Heleny Chodkowskiej w Warszawie, Poland
  • LiMe (Languages in Media), 2013-2015, Coordinator, www.languages-in-media.eu
  • YELL2, 2012-2013, Coordinator, www.yell2-project.eu
  • Explore-Activate (Exploring the Methods Supporting Active Ageing at European Level), 2012-2014, IZMIR VALILIGI, Türkei, www.explore-activate.eu
  • Geschichten aus dem Sudetenland, 2012-2013, Centrum pro komunitní práci západní ?echy
  • Precolt, 2012-2015, Centro de Investigación y Formación de Empresas (CIFESAL), Spain, www.promacolt.eu/precolt
  • Market Yourself Through Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), 2013-2015, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas do Mundo Lume, Spain
  • My Story, 2013-2015, Language Education and Partnerships Ltd (LEAP), Great Britain
  • FLAM: Feel like a Migrant - Multicultural Approach in Teaching, 2008-2010, www.flam-project.eu
  • Golden Goal Plus - Basisbildung und Kommunikationstraining mit integrierten sportlichen Aktivitäten, 2008-2010, www.golden-goal-plus.eu
  • YELL - Young Europeans Love Languages, 2009-2011, www.yell-project.eu
  • PrMaCLT, 2009-2012, Centro de Investigación y Formación de Empresas (CIFESAL), Spain, www.promacolt.eu
  • Approaches to Teaching Languages to Adults, 2010-2012, Language Network for Excellence, Universität Wolverhampton, http://atlas2010.edublogs.org/