Volkshochschule Bonn

Adult Education Center Bonn

Associate Member

Ms. Ingrid Schöll

Wilhelmstr. 34

53103 Bonn, Germany

Tel.: (0049) 228 77 3690

ingrid.schoell (at) bonn.de 


Mission statement

Volkshochschule Bonn is a municipal center for further education and provides comprehensive measures of general, political, career-related, health-related, cultural and language-related further education. With the help of our offers, participants of VHS courses should gain personal and career-related orientation, social skills and specialist knowledge.

We are bound to the common welfare, neutral in terms of ideology and party politics and advocate / plead for tolerance, plurality and social justice. We also encourage / promote the mutual understanding of different social groups and cultures.

Volkshochschule is open to everyone. We bring together the young and the elderly, people with different cultural, social and family backgrounds and different personal circumstances irrespective of their social status and education. Socially compatible course fees make it easier for low-income groups to participate.

We react to political, social and cultural developments as well as changes in educational and labor market policy. Apart from carrying out a regular needs assessment, we take up ideas arising from cooperation with local, regional, national and international partners when planning our program.

Our work contributes to the dynamic development of the City of Bonn with regard to culture, education, science and research and as a platform for international dialogue.

Main activities

Adult education center

2000 courses in seven departments per year

  1. Politics, Science, International affairs
  2. Lifelong Learning
  3. Foreign languages
  4. German language and integration
  5. Vocational training and qualification
  6. Culture and Art
  7. Health

International projects

UNIC Understanding the Needs of older people, improving methods and creating new ones

Project number: 2009-1-AT1-GRU06-01532 4


Consult: www.vhs-bonn.de