Nevelők Háza Egyesület (NHE)

Educators’ Centre Association

Associate Member

Szent István tér 17.

7624 Pécs


Tel.: +36 72 215543

+36 20 9733288

Mission statement

Nevelők Háza Egyesület (in English: Educators’ Centre Association, ECA) is one of the leading NGOs of Hungary, which operates numerous projects and a public institution in the city of Pécs in cooperation with the local municipality. ECA’s aims are to support the civil grass-root movements with its internal and external resources in order that they can grow and strengthen, and be more active and by doing so they can encourage the growth of their closer and wider surroundings. ECA provides services, training activities and educational programmes according to the principles of sheltering, counselling, lifelong learning, empowerment and developing.

Main activities

ECA was founded in 1993, and has been working for the development of the civil society for the last 20 years. Since 1997 the organization sustains the House of Civic Communities that helped to launch several local organizations. Currently more than 65 communities - formal and non-formal civil organizations, associations, foundations, art groups etc. - are operating in the building, while ECA acts as an umbrella organisation. Besides its infrastructural capabilities ECA provides services, learning possibilities, training activities, forums, research and professional consultancy for NGOs in the region.
The Association currently performs four major functions. It provides services for non-governmental organizations (Civil Information Centre (1) in the region, operates the Baranya County Office of Equal Opportunities (2) and the Baranya County Volunteer Centre (3). These three projects also perform coordinating tasks on their field of expertise. In the Community House (4) diverse cultural and community programs are available every day for the general public. ECA has managed several national and international EU funded projects as well since years. It has developed a network of relationships and contacts, from local to international level.

ECA maintains a 20-year-old fruitful working relationship with the Municipality of Pécs and carries out public services and functions nearly 15 years. The everyday work is regularly assisted by more than fifty volunteers and 19 employees.

International projects

EU Programme : Grundtvig LLP
Year : 2012-2014
Project Identification or Contract Number: 27863-LLP-2012-LT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Applicant/Beneficiary Name: Socializacijos lr Darbinio Mokymo Centras (LT)
EU Programme : EuropeAid
Year : 2013-2016
Project Identification or Contract Number : DCINSAPVD/2012/281-688
Applicant/Beneficiary Name: Fundacion Iberoamericana para la educacion, la ciencia y la cultura (ES)
3.EU Programme : EGT-Norwegian Civil Fund
Year : 2013-2016
Project Identification or Contract Number: NCTA-2013-4193-M2
Applicant/Beneficiary Name: Nevelok Haza Egyesulet
EU Programme : EGT-Norwegian Fund
Year : 2016-2017
Project Identification or Contract Number: HU11-0009-A1-2013
Applicant/Beneficiary Name: Municipality of Pécs


1. Pécs Learning City-Region Forum - Best practices (University of Pécs, 2015, Editor: Dr. Balázs Németh)
2. ProHáló: Civil Workshop Vols 2. - Development of Networks (Nevelők Háza Egyesület 2008.)
3. ProHáló: Civil Workshop Vols 3.- Networks and cooperations in the third sector (Nevelők Háza Egyesület, 2009.)
4. ProHáló:Civil Workshop Vols 4. - Nonprofit marketing (Nevelők Háza Egyesület,2010.)