Istituto di Ricerca e Studi per l'Educazione e la Formazione (IRSEF)

Associate Member

Mr. Gerardo Fascia

Via Giovanni Gentile 95

71122 Foggia, Italy

Tel.: (0039) 0881 88 20 39

gerardofascia (at)

Mission statement

Our mission is to promote the integration of the person in society through professional and civil development.

Our mission can be described as follows:

  • Integral Formation
  • Active citizenship
  • Orientation and implementation of initiatives and interventions related to active labor market policies
  • Enhancement of the professional labor force in all sectors of production activities
  • To promote and develop vocational training for young and adult people
  • A commitment to the formation of life -long learning
  • A school and training in the plural system
  • A school training and educating for life and work
  • Support for the renewal of the educational system of the country
  • A vocational training integrated into the school curriculum - university
  • Promote partnership with the school and university system
  • Promote partnership with foreign country
  • Transnational solidarity (Palestinian projects) promoting the development of local communities
  • Support to civil growth processes
  • The gender approach
  • Intercultural
  • Support of the disadvantaged groups with a strong commitment to social inclusion

Main activities

  • Adult education
  • Vocational training
  • Promotion, upgrading, retraining and re-employment of young people and adults;
  • Vocational guidance and training of young people and adults on the issues of the labor market and the different requirements related to it , with particular attention to the implementation of equal opportunities between men and women in society and the productive reality
  • Promotion of civic , moral, cultural and professional emigrants and immigrants , as well as youth and adults marginalized or at risk of exclusion, in order to encourage active maintenance or reintegration into society
  • Internship and exchange program
  • Initial vocational training, second-level and post-graduate
  • Continuing Education
  • Training and services for businesses
  • Training of trainers
  • Equal opportunities and gender approach
  • Social inclusion and actions in favor of vulnerable groups
  • Evaluation & Quality
  • Youth Policy
  • Labour policies
  • Orientation and evaluation skills
  • High quality training through post-graduate courses or supplementary educational courses
  • Business and professional retraining for unemployed workers
  • Training for schools of social work, seminars, conferences, residential courses and other initiatives aimed at teacher training , technique, teaching frameworks , operators and helpers engaged in adult education;
  • Training, technical assistance and job placement for people living in developing countries , using the contribution of other organizations
  • Research, study, documentation and printing , as well as implementation of conventions related to the multiple areas of intervention of the Association;
  • Any other training program suitable for the pursuit of its ends.