Per Formare Associazione (PF)

Perform Vocational Guidance and Training Association

Associate Member

Mr. Sergio Rossi

Via Imera 2

00183 Roma, Italy

Tel.: (0039) 06 489 068 84

sergiorossi (at)

Mission statement

Per Formare studies, develops, tests and applies methodologies and tools for the development of human resources, organizational change and
innovation, with regard to companies and individuals.
Per Formare considers that guidance and training methodologies are crucial for the growth of Human Resources in the broader context of active labor market policies. It is important to harmonize these tools with the professional needs of the companies, through continuous study of the organizational and technological changes which hinges on the socio-economic development of the territory.
In order to translate in practice these premises for businesses organization and end-users, Per Formare offers to the company integrated actions of organizational analysis, innovation plans, educational needs analysis, change management project. On the other hand, proposes to the end users activities of empowerment, vocational guidance and professional training.

Main activities

Per Formare organizes, realizes and manages professional training courses, aimed at public and private entities. Gives support to the firms during the stages of develop and manages innovation plans, with regard also to the identification of funding opportunities.

International projects

2013 – 2015. Project IMAL "Innovation in Mature Adult Learning" - LLP GRUNDTVIG - GRUNDTVIG LEARNING PROJECT. The learning partnership is focused on exchanging knowledge on the learning patterns of mature adults in 6 partner countries (Poland, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy) and exchange of best practice in engaging of mature learners in education. The partners will explore the reasons behind low level of interest and motivation toward learning of mature adults in their countries. They will also collect and examine examples of successful education initiatives in their countries. Per Formare is partner of the project.

2011 – 2013. Project P.E.A.C.E. - Educational Procedures for Acceptance and integration of Citizens in Europe - LLP COMENIUS REGIO, leaded by the Department of Economic and Productive activities - Training to the work, City of Rome. The project is aimed to qualify school staff on the themes of acceptance and integration of foreign students (extra UE) into the new reality of the multicultural school. Per Formare used the EDA methodology, carried by the French partner of the project, for design and test a training module for teachers and school staff over procedures and behaviors for grant a better acceptance and integration of foreign students.

Until 2011, principally:
EQUAL projects (3), addressing the themes of: integration of disadvantaged workers on the labour market and cultural and linguistic mediation.
INTEGRA projects (3), over specific professional training, reserved to immigrants.
A YOUTHSTART project addressing children with risk of social exclusion.


  • 2012 - le Politiche in Favore dei Lavoratori over 40
  • 2012 - Linee Guida su Orientamento e Bilancio di Competenze
  • 2011 - Donne Immigrate Agenti di Integrazione
  • 2008 - Azioni e Strumenti di Politica Attiva per il Lavoro
  • 2007 - Lo Strumento di Governance per lo Sviluppo Rurale e Agroalimentare