Scuola IaD, Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Associate Member

Mr. Aurelio Simone

Via Orazio Raimondo 18

00173 Rome, Italy

Tel.: (0039) 0672 59 48 87

direttore (at)

Mission statement

Scuola IaD believes in the value of the Information Technologies as a tool for mass and personalized instruction. Therefore it focuses both on the innovation of Educational Institutions and on the technological advancement of the humanistic and professional environments, often reluctant to the acknowledgement and use of the new information and communication technologies. We believe those are currently indispensable for any educational and professional choice.
Scuola IaD´s multi-discipline educational offer and its management system make it as an academic experience without precedents in Italy as for institutional asset, creative process and growth.

Main activities

Scuola IaD:

  • Offers graduate, masters, training and professionalizing courses
  • Is Quality Certificated
  • Offers training activities devoted to Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Performs scientific activities (research contracts, on-line magazine)
  • Acts as Partner within International, National and Regional projects
  • Is AICA Expertise Centre for computer certifications
  • Is University´s Official representative as e-learning and long-life education provider at National Rector´s Conference

Intenational projects

Scuola IaD has been member of :


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