Tia Formazione


Ordinary member

Ines Caloisi

Via G. Cardano 142

00146 Rome, Italy

Tel.: (0039) 331 824 7773

presidente.tiaformazione (at) gmail.com


Mission statement

Since 2011 TIA’s aim is to develop a point of convergence between different organizations focused on European themes. In the purpose of generating debates able to inspire changing process, TIA promotes several educational and informative events in a European perspective and training courses as: European project management, Entrepreneurship, European journalism, Gender equality themes and non discrimination actions, gender mainstreaming, promotion of Human rights, European Active Citizenship. In this venture, the organization is assisted by high level experts in European fields inside its managing board and scientific committee as well as external professionals who carry high positions in public bodies and private entities. TIA encourages citizens and young people toward European topics and supports its objectives informing on European policies and Programs’ opportunities, raising awareness on European problems and issues, developing new professional profiles looking at European horizon. TIA is particularly involved in promoting an entrepreneurial approach. TIA develops relations with Italian and European institutions, organizes projects and promotes events in Italy and in Europe. TIA is part of European networks and platforms.

Main activities

Seminars, European projects, European conferences

International projects

TIA is part and leader of European projects (in ERASMUS PLUS, CREATIVE EUROPE, EUROPE FOR CITIZENS, EUROPE AID).