СУМНАЛ: Здружение за развој на ромската заедница

SUMNAL: Development Association of the Roma community in Macedonia

Associate Member

Mrs. Fatma Bajram Azemovska

Maksust Sadik bb Str.

1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel.: (00389) 22 611 219

sumnalb (at) yahoo.com ; sumnal (at) sumnal.org


Mission statement

To empower Roma community in Macedonia trough improvement and development of the Education, Culture, Creative development of Children and Youth, Social Inclusion, Economic Development, Health and Environment and Nature Protection.

Main activities

1. Promotion for formal and informal education of children and young Roma;

  • Helping children and youth in preparing homework;
  • Tutoring;
  • Assistance in enrolling in school;
  • Organization of educational and other special events to support the education of Roma children and youth;
  • Supporting students for enrolling the faculty for some of the Universities in Macedonia and directing them according to the wishes, interests and needs of the Roma community in Macedonia;

2. Activities for continuing education and retraining.

- Activities for motivating adult citizens for completing primary and secondary school;

- Promotion and implementation of the concept for Lifelong Learning Program for adults and elderly;

3. Organizing workshops and free hospital examinations in order to prevent the most common diseases among Roma population.

4. Improving the social status of Roma in society - by promotion of positive aspects of Roma culture in terms of braking down prejudices and stereotypes in Macedonian society.

5. Promoting the economic independence of the Roma woman by strengthening the capacities of Roma woman in entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to run their own business.

6. Active participation of Roma in social processes, trends and flows in the Republic of Macedonia by educating and informing the population about the process of EU integration, legislation and international agreements.

7. Contribute to building and strengthening multi-ethnic society in Macedonia and multiethnic dialog through promotion of spiritual and material culture of Roma by organizing trainings, workshops, round tables, debate on how to better multiethnic dialog.

International projects

EU TWINING PROJECT “Support to the capacity building of the Centre for Adult education and development of programs for Adult education and programs for literacy and fulfillment of elementary education for excluded persons”. The project lasted since 01.10.2012 till 31.05.2013. The supporter was the European Union.



The purpose of the proposed action is to support the socio-economic inclusion of the Roma young women age 15 – 30, which are not able to read and write in order to learn to read and write. This way they will have better chances and opportunities for social inclusion and fulfillment of their essential human rights to employment, health care and access to information of any kind that will contribute to their wellbeing and improvement of the everyday life.

The trainers will work with 15 women aged 15 – 30 in order to give them essential knowledge and skills for reading and writing.

Special program from experts will be designed based on the standards of the non-formal education for adults. In development of the program experts from Centre for adult education will provide support.

Two teachers with adequate education will be engaged in order to provide best professional methodology and approach. The last two months of the project the coordinator of the project and two teachers will work with the group in order to strength their capacity and knowledge about institutions within the system and how to be active in their social and economic inclusion. The project started at first of May 2013 and will last until 30th of November 2013. The donor is ‘Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs’ -“Swedish Women’s organization in Finland”.