Pro-Business Nord (PBN)

Associate Member

Ms. Elena Rososhenco

20B, August Street 31, Office 905 - 910

MD 3100 Balti, Republic of Moldova

Tel.: (00373) 231 20 037

info (at)

Mission statement

Our main aim is to encourage the growth and development of the private and non-governmental sectors in Moldova by offering training, consulting, support services and social programs in accordance with international best practices and customized to local needs.

Main activities

PBN offers an array of courses, seminars and programs for professional training in business, economics, management, marketing, accounting and civil society sphere. All training services aim to support the development of the private and civil sectors, and are adjusted to local partners’ needs.
Our trainers are certified in various subjects by famous organizations such as the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova (ACAP RM), Center “Partnership for Development” in the Republic of Moldova (CPD), and the American Company MAS International Inc.
In 2009, all training activities of Pro-Business Nord were approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova and certified by the License Chamber of the Ministry of Economy of RM (License A MMII Nr. 033165).

International projects

Currently Pro Business Nord (PBN) implements:

  • Project “Women’s Career Development Program” (WCDP) in the North of the Republic of Moldova with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Project “Livelihoods Integration for Fostering Empowerment” (LIFE) in the North of the Republic of Moldova with the financial support of the World Jewish Relief (WJR)

Completed projects by Pro Business Nord (PBN):

  • Catholic Relief Services/META (with co-financing from the United States Department of Labor): “Local Employment and Training Alliance Center” (2006-2008) – Project on professional training and employment for young women
  • Polish-American Foundation Freedom: “RITA Project” (2004-2005)
  • The Canada Fund: “Bridging the Gap: Women Entrepreneurs” (2003-2004) – Training women-leaders
  • Future Business Leaders Club (own resources and Peace Corps Moldova Volunteers) (2002-2009)
  • Peace Corps Moldova: “NGO Resource Center” (2002)
  • International Women’s Club of Moldova: “Training of Trainers” (2002)
  • Soros Foundation Moldova: “Entrepreneurship Training for Village Women” with co-financing of USAID (2002) – Project on teaching women how to create and manage their own business
  • United States Embassy in Moldova: “Civil Society: Common Problems with Common Efforts” under the program “Voting” (2002)
  • Government of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands: “Dutch Horticulture Development Project Moldova -AGRIPLAN” (2001) – Management training for farm leaders


PBN elaborated the manuals for the Professional Courses in: Sales, Accounting, Computer Skills, English and German Languages. Also, there were elaborated the manuals for the Training for Sustainable Life Course.