Centar za Strucno Obrazovanje (CSO)

Centre for Vocational Education and Training (VET Centre)

Associate Member

Ms. Milena Dragovic

Rimski trg bb

81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Tel. (00382) 693 716 48

milena.dragovic (at) cso.gov.me



Mission statement

VET Centre, as developmental, advisory and research institution, shall establish and improve vocational and adult education system, for the sake of producing professionals, fully equipped for the labour market, education follow-up and life-long learning, in line with their personal, social and economic interests.

Main activities

- VET Centre develops and implements reform processes of vocational and adult education, by complying with strategic commitments of the Government, laws, bylaws and international standards, thus contributing to the creation of coherent and remarkable education system.
- VET Centre develops and strengthens partner relations with commercial entities, trade unions, labour market and other relevant partners on the national and local level, for the sake of better understanding of the needs of economy and adequate response of the vocational and adult education system in terms of creating needed, competent and competitive human resources on the labour market.
- VET Centre provides full technical and professional support to schools and adult education providers in the implementation of curricula and training programmes, professional development of management and teachers, establishing contacts with commercial entities, for the sake of more efficient and better education of students and learners.
- VET Centre develops high quality partner cooperation with international institutions and associations for the sake of exchange of experience and examples of good practice, as well as the improvement of vocational and adult education system.
- VET Centre continuously works on the promotion of vocational and adult education, and life-long learning concept for the sake of motivating youth and adults to get involved into the system of vocational and adult education.
- VET Centre works on permanent improvement of technical and spatial conditions for the completion of working tasks, professional development of the staff, involvement in the process of planning and decision making, as well as the creation of atmosphere of mutual esteem and confidence.

International projects

IPA projects
Projects in VET and adult education supported by: KulturKontakt, DVV International, GIZ, BIBB, Lux Development, British Council, UNESCO


- textbooks and manuals in the field of vocational and adult education
- promotional material