Folk High School Council

Associate Member

Mr. Odd Arild Netland

PO Box 420, Sentrum

0103 Oslo, Norway

Tel: (0047) 22 47 43 00

oan (at)

Mission Statement

The Folk High School Council (FHC) is a collaborative agency between the schools and the central organizations in education policy

  • FHC promotes the interests of the schools with Parliament, the Department of Education, the Education Directorate, and the public. FHC shall work to ensure good financial, administrative, and education conditions for the folk high schools
  • FHC has two subcommittees: the Finance Committee and the International Committee


  • Education policy, nationally and locally
  • Provide insight into a good financial management of the schools
  • Help schools establish and maintain a strong international focus on diversity and the environment


FHC was established in 1953 as a collaborative policy agency for the liberal and the Christian sections of the folk high school movements in Norway. The FHC members are drawn from the boards of four organizations, two information offices and two personal membership organizations.

Main activities

Educational policy development in contact with the legislative and executive branches of government, as well as professional organizations in
the education field.