VOX: Nasjonalt Fagorgan for Kompetansepolitikk

VOX: Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning

Associate Member

P.O. Box 236, Sentrum

N-0103 Oslo, Norway

Tel.: (0047) 23 38 13 00

gs (at) vox.no



Mission statement

Vox is a governmental agency that belongs to the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Our main goal is to contribute to supporting active citizenship, improving employability and increasing participation in education.

Main activities

Programmes and subsidies - Vox administers governmental subsidies for the operational costs of study associations, distance learning institutions and study centres. We administer financial support for pedagogical development in study associations and distance learning institutions.

Vox manages the Programme for Basic Competence in Working Life (BKA) and administers subsidies for the operation of peace centres and human rights centres.

Basic skills - Vox contributes to the development of provision for individually adapted training in literacy, numeracy, ICT skills and oral communication skills for adults.

In co-operation with education providers and enterprises we develop methods based on established competence goal descriptions for adult basic skills. We also contribute to the development of screening tools.

Vox works to establish further education options and continuing professional development for teachers and facilitators in this field.

Immigrant integration - Vox is in charge of curricular and pedagogical issues relating to the teaching of Norwegian and socio-cultural orientation to adult immigrants. We monitor the implementation of the curricula and the national tests, initiate research and development and disseminate information to stakeholders in the field. An important part of this task is the provision of professional development for teachers and facilitators in this field.

Career guidance and validation - From 1 January 2011, a National Unit for Career Guidance has been established in Vox.

Vox cooperates with the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training in the field of recognition and validation of non- formal and informal learning. We work for a more uniform implementation of the validation process across the country, 

to enhance the synergies between different stakeholders and to increase the flexibility of learning pathways.
Vox is also engaged in the development of an integrated service for career guidance and validation.

Research - Vox carries out research, analyses, reports and evaluations in the field of lifelong learning. Data are collected from public registers and Vox surveys relating to enterprises and to the general public.

We contribute to the body of statistical evidence on adult learning. We also document needs and effects of measures and methods – for the individual and for society.

International cooperation - Vox is actively engaged in the EU’s work for the development of adult learning policy. We coordinate and participate in international networks in the fields of basic skills, validation of non-formal and informal learning, career guidance and integration. What we learn from international cooperation gives valuable input to our work at national level.

International projects

See http://www.vox.no/no/global-meny/English/International-cooperation/


For publications in English, see http://www.vox.no/no/global-meny/English/Statistics-and-research/Publications/


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Picture 2: Immigrant Integration
Picture 3: Basic Skills Training in the Workplace