Stowarzyszenie Trenerów Organizacji PozarzÄ…dowych STOP

NGO Trainers’ Association STOP

Ordinary Member

Nowolipki 9B

00-151 Warsaw


Tel.: (+48) 607453872

Mission statement

We believe that competent trainers and professional training are important tools in social change. The subjectivity of trainers and participations of training is a value that facilitates the learning process.

Main activities

The NGO Trainers’ Association (STOP) was founded in the late nineties 1998 and registered in 2002. NGO Trainers’ Association is the only organization of its kind in Poland and Eastern Europe – working on the quality of learning process in non-formal education.
The most important area of activity of (STOP) is training new trainers and developing qualifications of the professional ones. STOP Trainers’ School is an answer to a strong need expressed by numerous activists of non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and civil servants to create Polish training called “Training of Trainers” (ToT). It is addressed to persons, who plan to actively engage in development of civil society and work on a high quality in learning basis.
We organize such schools for different branches, for example Trainers’ School for Teachers, Family Mediations School of Trainers
STOP is actively working on the quality of learning process in non-formal education. We’ve created and developed the system of certificates of quality in learning for trainers and educators, which is acknowledged by many institutions in Poland and is shown as an example of innovation in non-formal education.
The NGO Trainers’ Association (STOP) delivers many activities in field of youth and adults education, especially in training of trainers, educators and facilitators. Our experience in adult education is a result of several dozens of ToT courses, courses for facilitators and shorter workshops for experienced trainers, which were finished by about 1000 persons.
Our learning programs are based on action learning methodology and pedagogical methods such a David Kolb learning cycle and similar. Using of active methods which engage participants and learners is a core of our approach to work with adult people.
In such a way we’ve delivered not only several schools for trainers from different branches (non-government organizations, schools and teachers, mediators, social animators), courses and workshops, but we also became a well-known organization, which is identified with that approach and is representing the society of trainers working in similar way in Poland. We are also involved in run-by-government consultation on formal frames of adults' education system.
In the recent years we have started activities, focused on preparing trainers to work with special needs groups, which are in the risk of social exclusion like elderly people and blind/visually impaired people.

International projects

2013 Life Long Learning Programme – Grundtvig; Grundtvig Learning Partnerships - 2013-1-IT2-GRU06-520135 - as Partner
2014 - 2016 Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnerships for adult education - E-process in e-learning - as leader (final report was accepted)
2016 Erasmus + KA1 - as leader


In English:
ICT IN TRAINING ROOM (ang - 2016)<br /> in polish:
- How to conduct training when within participants is visually impaired person - 2015
- Learning of elderly people – condition, trends, methods - 2013
- Copyright in training activities - 2010
- 100% of quality – Trainings in non governmental branch