KERIGMA: Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento

KERIGMA: Innovation and Social Development

Associate Member

R.Dr. José Júlio Vieira Ramos 72

4750-180 Barcelos, Portugal

Tel.: (00351) 253 825 353

europa (at)

Mission statement

Kerigma's mission is to promote the holistic development of people and institutions and the community around us, by creating services and innovative products, which contribute to a more active citizenship, solidarity and social cohesion.

Some of the activities we develop and/or participate:

  • Innovation - because we always try to adapt our work and intervention toour social context, namely, to our target publics.
  • Empowerment - of people and institutions, to allow themselves to understand and solve their daily situations and assume the full control of their future.
  • Social responsibility- to give added value to the Difference, to plurality and
  • Flexibility, by promoting actions and positive practices which guarantee the freedom of choice of each individual.

Main activities

Kerigma is an institution for innovation and social development in Barcelos, Portugal. It is a not for profit organisation. Kerigma involves the following sectors: a CQEP - Center for Qualification and Vocational Training, It works like an “open door” for any adult or youn person in Portugal. More than 7000 adults were involved in the process of recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning since 2005. In these Centers we will also make vocational guidance and tutoring. In terms of VET, we have the experience of more than a decade of promotion and training: 80 000 hours of training; 6000 trainees; 1000 training courses; around 200 trainers; and training processes integrated with vocational guidance. We promote, every year, a large number of double certification (scholar and professional) courses for unemployed people and about 10 courses per year for training and recycling trainers. We have the Equality of Gender Office, working with us since 2005, with training sessions for the community, victims of violence support and consultancy, working together with the entrepreneurship office (business incubator – consultancy and support to business creation), psycho-social support – all of this for an adult population, with more than 1000 people. Kerigma is also a promoter of an “insertion company”, meaning that we train and re-qualify unemployed adults, placing them back into the labour market after a 2 year period of “insertion process”. We also work as a National Point of contact for the European Center for Women and Technology.

International projects

  • European Community Champions, 2006-2009, Grundtvig partnerships

Partners from Portugal, UK, Spain, Slovakia, Poland - Project that aimed to empower community leaders

  • Enterprise as innovation to create new work places at a time of global crisis, 2010-2012, Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

Partners from Portugal, Spain, UK, Turkey, Greece, Slovakia and Poland - Project that aimed to transfer from Spain a toolkit for adult entrepreneurs

  • Lifelong Learning for Marginalised Groups in European Social Enterprises , Grundtvig Partnerships, 2010-2012 - Project that aimed to share best practices about sustainability of third sector institutions, working with people in risk of social exclusion;

Partners from Portugal, UK, Slovakia and Romania

  • AMaP - Age Management in Practice - Leonardo da Vinci Networks - Project adressing the challenge of an ageing workforce in Europe; 2011-2013

Partners from Portugal, UK, Greece, Sweden , Germany and Poland

  • New Skills & New Jobs, Bridging the Gap, Progress Program, 2013-2014 - - Project that aims to collect best practices about the bridging the gap between the market need and the skills supply and to develop a prototype tool for a software to close the gap between the demand and supply;

Partners from Portugal, UK, Slovakia, Turkey and Germany