SOPRO: Organização Não Governamental de Solidariedade e Promoção

SOPRO: Non-Governmental Organisation for Solidarity and Promotion

Associate Member

Mr. Miguel Novais

Rua Irmãos de La Salle s/n

4755-054 Barcelinhos-Barcelos, Portugal

Tel.: (00351) 253 831 249

geral (at)

Mission statement

SOPRO’s mission is the “youth's education on solidarity and promotion of cooperation projects for human development in the world”. As inspiration to future work, SOPRO has a vision: “to be recognized as a NGO consistent with its mission and values in its activities. To be a promoting actor of the participation of all and, in particular, of young people as witnesses and channel for solidarity”.
By its context of foundation, SOPRO is a Lasallist association that also supports the mission of the Christian Schools Brothers: “promotion of integral human development and society transformation by human and Christian education, solidarity and participation”.

Main activities

Recognized by Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, IP (Foreign Affairs Ministry) and member of Portuguese Platform of NGO since January 2002, SOPRO develops its activities at local and international level guided by the following values: solidarity, cooperation, education as a universal right, integrity, justice, respect and voluntary work. SOPRO has made Millennium Development Goals its own purposes, so SOPRO works, mainly, to “Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; Achieve Universal Primary Education; Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women”, never forgetting to contribute for a “Global Partnership for Development”. Thus, SOPRO has a firm background in the development of projects for the integration, promotion and participation of people at risk of social exclusion or in a vulnerable situation in society, mainly through their education and empowerment and ensuring equality of opportunities.


In Barcelos, SOPRO has developed several projects, among them: “Voluntary work in close territory”, which promotes intergenerational relationships, representing a practical learn in a non-formal environment for the volunteers; “School Supply Bank”, for equal access to education and “SOPRO Feminino”, a project dedicated to Gender Equality and Non-Gender Violence, focused in the creation of monitoring and protection mechanisms for victims of domestic violence, mainly women, and consequent construction of a new future and reintegration into society.

Internationally, SOPRO's work is focused in educational/development projects in Mozambique by two adoption programs, “One Euro Makes Smile” and “Be a Godfather to a Child”, and by International Voluntary Work, acting on adult literacy, teacher training and educational support to children and young, health and human/civic problems. Until 2014, SOPRO sent 83 volunteers to the Developing Countries.

International projects

  • 2013-2015: “YORIE - Young and Old for Regional Identities in Europe” (Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme) is a partnership project and aims to empower the construction of an European identity based on the re-emergence of regional identities through intergenerational support to young adults’ personal development to assist transition to the wider community and employment opportunities along with acquisition of key competences in non-formal and informal backgrounds as a non-traditional route back into education and employment. Partners from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Romania and Turkey.
  • 2013-2014: Participation in “The Job of my Life”, a special programme by the German government for the "Promotion of Vocational Mobility of Young People Interested in Vocational Training" (MobiPro-EU).