Associação Portuguesa para a Cultura e Educação Permanente (APCEP)

Portuguese Association for Culture and Lifelong Education

Ordinary Member

Mr. Alberto Melo

Praceta Maestro Ivo Cruz 12-12º A

1500-401 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel.: (00351) 933 251 622

apcep2014 (at)

Mission statement

To promote the principles, practices and achievements of lifelong education and cultural development.

Main activities

After its creation (1982), APCEP organised the 1st National Congress of Adult Education (1985) and several seminars and it issued a Journal. It became inactive by 1987 and was only reanimated after June 2014. Since then it has organised a General Forum in order to prepare the annual Action Plan, it contributed to a National Survey of Adult Education and its members have taken an active part in many workshops and conferences. At present the main priorities are the creation of Thematic and Territorial Circles (gathering practitioners, researchers and educators) as a way to organize a National Forum of Lifelong Education. APCEP regularly issues an e-Newsletter.

International projects

In the past, APCEP was a member of the Ligue Internationale de l'Enseignement et de l'Education Permanente and also of the International Council of Adult Education. Since its "rebirth" in 2014 it has not yet been internationally involved.


A Journal was published in the 1980's and an e-Newsletter is now circulated to all its members. APCEP has strongly contributed to a recent Survey on Adult Education in Portugal.