Asociația Tabula

Tabula Association

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Mrs. Tünde László

1918 December 1 boulevard Nr. 86F

540447 Târgu Mureș, Romania

Tel.: (0040) 740 452 490

tunde.laszlo (at)


Mission statement

Tabula's area of interests expands from local trainings / courses to EU funded projects on local and national level. Emphasis is placed on quality and practical adult education on the beneficiaries mother tongue. Our organization gives the possibility for young people to actively take part. Tabula also develops training and course materials. Non formal education is also important as well as life long learning next to various social activities.

Main activities

Tabula Association has been involved in general education of adults in both formal and non-formal accredited education giving participants a chance to take part on the following courses: Project manager, Computer handling (beginner and advanced level), Computer accountant, Manager assistant, English language (beginner and advanced level), Administrator in touristic hostel, Waiter, Cook, Building and vehicle cleaner, Elder Care, Florist-decorator, Floral-Landscape designer.
By development programs, with national and European funds, Tabula Education Centre continues to renew, extend and modernize the content and technology of its work.
We actively organize and implement as civic activities tea afternoons, conferences and fairs.
Tabula Association has experience in hosting transnational events: meetings, workshops and conferences.
Tabula Association has experience in hosting and coordinating outdoor activities (non-formal education) for its participants.
Tabula Association is a founding member of the network "PannonForrás Első Kárpát-medencei Fejlesztési és Tudásklaszter" - First Development and Knowledge Management Cluster in the Carpathian Basin. The PannonForrás Cluster´s mission is to ensure uniformly human resource needs of sectors to promote economic integration, new industries, and social equality expertise in the Carpathian Basin. ( and "Asociaţia Patronală a Furnizorilor de Formare Profesională din România" - Patron Association of Training Providers from Romania, is the Romanian accredited adult education institutions network (

International projects

October 2012 - January 2014: Through one life and two borders
Cross-border cooperation in the field of vocational training and adult education TÁMOP-2.2.4-11/1-2012-0034- "Trough one life and trough two borders" the beneficiary of the project being Türr István Training and Research Institute Central Danube Directorate of Kecskemet office, are partners with the Tabula Adult Education Center of Tirgu Mures, Gordius Plus Adult Training Centre of Nagykapos and Lám Association from Ilieni.
The overall objective of the project is for the partners to exchange experiences, share and utilize best practices developed in the course of their activities.
The project´s aim is to share the experiences gathered in Hungary, with the Slovakian and Romanian adult education institutions, with employment agency professionals and to take over well-established practices for Hungary´s social inclusion, in the field of the integration and employability of roma workers.

April 2013-April 2014: Youth First Aid: Engaging as Active Citizens in Promoting the Right to Health
The general objective of the project is to promote active citizenship, as well as to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people from Mures county, using the means of non-formal education and based on the topic of Youth First Aid.
The specific objectives of the project are: promoting the practice of non-formal education by improving the knowledge and skills of youngsters from Targu Mures in the field of first aid, in order to prepare them to perform knowledge transfer to rural youngsters, as well as promoting the role of non-formal education in fostering tolerance, mutual understanding, respect and cooperation between young people from rural and urban settlements, by ensuring a space for knowledge transfer targeting young persons from the surrounding rural settlements including young members of the local Roma community, as well as other young people with fewer opportunities. The project is supported by the European Comission, Youth in Action Programme.

September 2012- September 2013: ROSE- Grundtvig workshop - the main objective of the workshop is to provide participants with insight, knowledge and competencies that they can use if they want to become florists, or just practice the skills on a hobby/spare time activity level. The workshop´s participants will be 15 adult person from 5 different European Union country. The workshop will be realized with the support of European Commission, Grundtvig component (Grundtvig Workshop).

Tabula Association as a partner partakes in the project named Efficiency of assisted labour (EMA 2011-2013) project supported by the EU, co-financed by the European Social Fund, through the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013.
Tabula Association in this project realized the projects webpage, accredits 5 professions-Building and vehicle cleaner, Florist Decorator, Floral-Landscape designer, Green area sanitation worker, Wooden handicrafts manufacturing, elaborates 5 theoretical and practical handbooks in 5 different profession, organizes 7 courses for persons with disabilities in 5 different professions, persons with disabilities will be taught using "easy to read" handbooks.
From September 2010 until May 2011 Tabula had a project titled "Local government training" funded by Szülőföld Alap Fund, Hungary. We organized for 50 interested persons, an intensive theoretical and practical training, lasting three days.

From October 2009 until may 2010 Tabula Association had a project titled "Human resource development" in which 20 participants were specialized for touristic pension administration. This project was held in a rural environment and was funded by Szülöföld Alap Fund, Hungary.
From october 2009 until may 2010 Tabula Association had a project titled „Unified adult training in the Carpathian Basin network". Under the guidance of Civitas Foundation in which 7 adult education centers took part. Tabula Association specialized 18 participants for project management and 10 other participants for elder care. This project was funded by Szülöföld Alap Fund, Hungary.
From october 2008 until may 2009 Tabula Association had a project titled „Standardized courses for adults in the Carpathian Basin" under the guidance of Sapientia University, in which 7 adult education organizations took part, all from the Carpathian Basin. In this project Tabula Association specialized 20 participants for project management and 20 other participants for elder care. This project was funded by Szülöföld Alap Fund, Hungary.


  • Building and vehicle cleaner- theoretical handbook
  • Building and vehicle cleaner-practical handbook
  • Florist decorator- theoretical handbook
  • Florist decorator-practical handbook
  • Floral-landscape designer- theoretical handbook
  • Floral-landscape designer-practical handbook
  • Computer handling-theoretical & practical handbook
  • Elder care- theoretical & practical handbook
  • Building & vehicle cleaner- theoretical & practical handbook
  • Administrator in touristic pension- theoretical & practical handbook
  • Accountant- theoretical & practical handbook
  • Manager assistant - theoretical & practical handbook
  • Cook - theoretical & practical handbook
  • Waiter- theoretical & practical handbook


Tabula Association organizes and implements learning activities for adults since 2005, continually enhancing their knowledge with our accredited qualifications, re-qualifications, trainings and specialization courses, both in the city and in urban areas of Romania.