InfoCons Association

National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies

Associate Member

Ms. Sorin Mierlea

Negru Voda Str. 3, Sector 3

Bucharest, Romania

Tel.: (0040) 31 402 26 32

Mission statement

  • promotion of a vision on consumers´ protection understood as a complex social and economic phenomenon that means the systemic integration of consumers´ interest in all domains relevant of the European Union;
  • combination between the individual and associative self- protection, the safest and the more efficient way but less expensive and the direct or indirect protection made by every Member State, respectively at the community level;
  • unitary application of the community acquis in the area of consumers protection;

Main activities

From N.A.C.P.P.P.S. Romania´s activities, we mention:

  • Setting up Consumers´ Information and Consultancy Centers in all counties and carrying on continuous activities in the area of consumers´ education and information
  • Active involvement in the fight against counterfeits
  • Founding Member of the first Federation of consumers´ protection organisations from Romania
  • Accreditation at the Romanian Parliament - Chamber of Deputies for the works of the Specialized Boards
  • Setting up the first master course in the area of consumers´ protection in cooperation with Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance from Bucharest University
  • Initiation of the introduction of consumers´ protection classes in schools
  • Development of several campaigns of education and information in the period of Romania´s accession to the EU; these campaigns were carried on by broadcasting clips on most national televisions and radios, by dissemination of written materials and by organizing events at national, regional and zonal level
  • Gathering national and international organisations and institutions under the aegis of the concept "Consumers´ Protection - For A New Attitude"
  • Supporting the publication of specialized works

International projects

  • Consumer Organisations and General Interest Functions: for a citizen´s evaluation of national regulatory authorities (2006-2008)
  • Dolceta - Development of Online Consumer Education Tools for Adults
  • Information to the citizens of the European Union on the access to Justice in controversies derived from civil contracts