Branch of Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Institute of Management of Education" of Russian Academy of Education in St. Petersburg

Associate Member

Chernyakhovskii 2

191113 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Tel.: (007) 812 764 1194

ipo (at)

Mission statement

We provide:

  • Research on main problems of adult vocational and general education
  • Teacher education and training development
  • Development of scientific potential of staff in adult education
  • Sharing experience and introduction of best national and global practice on adult formal and non-formal education
  • Lifelong learning promotion
  • Highlighting the role of adult education in public debate
  • Educational policy initiatives in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

Main activities

Working out contents, technologies, curricula design and providing experimental courses on formal and non-formal adult education methodology and practice of teacher education, mechanisms and conditions of its improvement scientific-research activities oriented on new technologies of continuing teacher education

Developing conditions for teacher continuous professional improvement

Training, retraining and improvement of qualification of scientists in the area of adult education

Scientific support of training of different categories of adults – senior people, former military persons, migrants and so on.

Study of experience and best practice in adult and teacher education in other countries and sharing own experience in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Participation in the development and scientific support of the state educational policies, strategic areas, objectives, and programs on adult education and science development in Russia and in the area of CIS

Strengthening cooperation with other research, educational institutions, scientific associations and creative unions, other organizations and institutions that provide fundamental and applied research on problems of adult education and teacher education

Popularizing and raising public awareness on adult education through publishing the journal “Man and Education”

As the Basic organization of states – members of CIS on adult education the Institute provides and coordinates studies and disseminates experience on adult education development in CIS; trains staff for scientific research in the field of adult education in CIS; woks out documents on enhancing opportunities on adult education, expanding choice and quality of adult education services in CIS.


Publications on adult education and teacher education - books, proceedings, handbooks, articles.

Adult education journal (Man and Education), 4 issues a year