Akademija Ženskog Preduzetništva

Women´s Entrepreneurship Academy of Serbia

Associate Member

Mrs. Jana Radakovič

Maksima Gorkog 6/74

400 203 Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia

Tel.: (00381) 21 426 021

office (at) ewa.org.rs


Mission statement

Our target groups are primarily unemployed women, women who wish to start their own business, female entrepreneurs, local women´s activists and politicians. We support each woman´s initiative that brings positive change into lives of other women and men within their respective communities.

Main activities

We implement our activities, such as educations in the area of entrepreneurship, management and business plan writing, as well as providing advisory services and implementing so-called projects on key for individual municipalities, mostly in the region of Vojvodina.

International projects

  • First Female Cooperative in Kikinda/2006/;
  • Economic empowerment of Roma women in Nis and Pirot municipalities/2007/
  • Women - leaders of ecumenic movement in practice/2007/;
  • Professional and personal empowerment of women in Ada municipality /2007/
  • Gender responsive budget initiative at local level: Backi Petrovac pilot study/ 2008/
  • It´s a time for gender budget / 2009/
  • Business incubator as a successful instrument of SMEs development /2008-2010/
  • Women´s Entrepreneurship Academy - smart investment in women´s lifelong learning programe/2010-2011/


  • Women's Entrepreneurship in Serbia - Opportunities and perspectivies.
  • Catalogue of 70 female entrepreneurs of the North Banat Region
  • Step by step to your business
  • They succeeded - stories of successful female entrepreneurs
  • Social profiles of successful entrepreneurs from Northern Banat and Potisje
  • Strategy for the economic empowerment od women in North Banat District (2007-2010)
  • Guide for gender budgeting on municipal level in the Vojvodina Region.
  • Women as leaders of ecumenical movement in rural parts of Vojvodina