Asociación Cultural Gallega de Formación EventPermanente de Adultos - Aulas de la Tercera Edad de Galicia (ATEGAL)

Galician Cultural Association of Continuing Learning for Adults - Classrooms of the Third Age of Galicia

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Rúa da Virxe da Cerca 31

15703 Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Tel.: (0034) 981 581 533/Mobile: (0034) 618 184 44

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Mission statement

The mission statement of the association is the sociocultural promotion of adults who wish to improve their integral training, thus contributing to raising the cultural level of the Galician society.

Yoga ClassGeneral aims:

  • Coordinate and develop the functions of the Classrooms of the Third Age of Galicia in the Galician Community.
  • Develop projects and programs that help to raise the levels of adult education.
  • Share experiences and activities directed at improving the quality of life and greater well-being of people through educational plans suitable for them.
  • Promote and develop cultural programs of the older volunteers and activities that encourage creativity and active participation of the same

Main activities

The Association performs the following activities:Trip to Sicily

  • Collaborates with the various levels of state government and the autonomy through studies and specific actions on the formation of adults and proposes the adoption of measures for the effective management of the resources used by the elderly people.
  • Performs the monitoring and evaluation of programs and experiments carried out by ATEGAL.
  • Favours the agreements with the public and private institutions of cultural and educational nature, especially with the Galician universities.
  • Promotes research and funding sources, grants and financial assistance for the purposes set out and the developments of projects of the Association.
  • Coordinates and organizes courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and all kinds of activities that contribute to the formation, recycling and the exchange of experiences in management, teachers, technicians and employees of ATEGAL and social programs similar to the older.
  • Develops cultural programs that serve to enable people to stay more active, participatory and useful to society.
  • Promotes training courses for adults in the rural areas and regions dependent on ATEGAL.
  • Publishes printed material, newsletters, magazines, photographic material, video, multimedia publications and any other offer in support of the own activities of the association.

We teach about 50 hours a week of different subjects. We develop the following sections:Music Class

  • Cultural area: languages, history of art and of Galicia, geography, Spanish and Galician literature and culture.
  • Occupational area: drawing and oil painting, fabric painting, crafts, music, rondalla, drama, computer skills.
  • Health area: yoga, Pilates, fitness maintenance, Tai-chi, memory training, social skills, humour, dance and music therapy.
  • Leisure area: celebration at Christmas, carnival, travels and cultural visits to museums and exhibitions, openings and closures of course, participation in meetings and congresses, annual trip of end of course.

In addition to the activities that have a permanent character, other complementary activities are offered, different in each town, such as some that we break down below.

  • Conferences on Health and Welfare for our elders, with regular fortnightly, taught by professionals in the field of health.
  • Days of animation to the reading, in which our students are attending to schools doing representations of storytellers.
  • Assistance weekly to the concerts of the Auditorium of Galicia.


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