ESPIRAL: Entitat de Serveis

ESPIRAL: Social Services Organisation

Associate Member

Joaquim de Toca

C/Sant Dionís 42

17190 – Salt, Spain

Tel.: (0034) 972 24 10 36

jdetoca (at)

Mission statement

  1. The integral development of individuals and social cohesion.
  2. To promote personal and social well-being of the population in all areas.
  3. Support the social integration of people and business.
  4. Promote learning throughout life, giving priority to the non-formal.
  5. Promote the use of ICT.
  6. Develop and manage programs of social inclusion and employment aimed especially at groups who suffer discrimination.
  7. Act in the improvement and quality of life of aging people.
  8. Support local authorities and organizations for the development, management and financing of local projects of international scope.
  9. Promote cooperation and solidarity in transnational development.
  10. Encourage volunteerism.

Main activities

  1. Identifying the needs of people and communities.
  2. Inspiration, information, training and support to local authorities and third sectors organizations to find innovative means to facilitate personal development and strengthening communities.
  3. Bring an European dimension to local problems through projects financed by the EU, to enable the transfer of good practices.
  4. Bids to perform work practices in Europe, as well as study visits for professionals.
  5. All types of actions for life-long learning.
  6. Development of programs of social inclusion.
  7. Development of programs and projects in the field of life-long learning and culture.
  8. Development of programs and activities for children and young people, and promoting volunteerism.
  9. Actions to support older people to maintain an active and healthy aging, and dependence measures.
  10. Consultancy services for the preparation and management of projects.
  11. Cooperation activities for integral development in countries with difficulties, primarily in Latin America and the Mediterranean countries.
  12. And any other activity that is within the purposes of the organization and that can help in achieving the objectives.