Federació d'Associacions Culturals i Educatives de Persones Adultes (FACEPA)

Federation of Cultural and Adult Education Associations

Associate Member

C/ Claramunt 4, local 2

08030 Barcelona, Spain

Tel. (0034) 93 315 29 69

facepa (at) facepa.org


Mission statement

FACEPA gathers adults with no university qualifications taking part in adult education and governing their associations by means of direct participation in social, cultural, educational, political and economic fields in their territory. Our purpose is to work collectively towards a democratic educational and cultural model, in which the voices of people with no academic qualifications and who, because of this, have been excluded from public debate are taken into account.

Main activities

FACEPA goals are to

a) Promote Adult Education - basic education, occupational training and cultural and leisure education from a critical and transformational perspective;

b) Endorse a Social and Democratic Model of Adult Education based on participation;

c) Promote territorial projects in Adult Education according to the demands and needs of the different groups (women groups; cultural groups i.e. Roma community; immigrant groups, etc.);

d) Encourage the exchange of experiences, congresses, training and cultural activities;

e) To fight against gender violence, racism and xenophobia.

FACEPA serves associations developing adult education, cultural programmes and activities for population at risk of social exclusion. We have a long standing relationship with local, national and European universities, administration and NGOs in the field of adult education, culture and social affairs. FACEPA develop activities on Adult education and adult literacy; Democratic adult education; ICT literacy and media literacy; New technologies and social participation; Groups at risk of social exclusion; Counselling; Civil participation; Deliberative democracy and democratic participation, Intercultural Dialogue.

FACEPA activities involve different areas of action, some of them are: 1) Intercultural dialogue by organizing and developing the multicultural group and developing activities to work within the adult education classrooms to break down the rumours and prejudices on immigrants. 2) Gender area by organization and dynamisation of the Women’s Group. 3) Organizing and developing Dialogic Literary and Musical Gatherings. 4) Promoting the right to education and digital literacy and participation. 5) Developing training sessions for volunteers in adult education.

International projects


  • “Bill of Rights of Adult Education”. Project financed by the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission.


  • “Who Speaks. The voice of immigrants on adult education” .Project financed by the Socrates Programme under the action Grundtvig, European Commission. (89756-CP-1-2001-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-G1 2001-2001).
  • “Trobada. Citizenship for all. From basic education, participation and voluntary work”. Project financed by the Socrates Programme under the action Grundtvig , European Commission (86794-CP-1- 2000-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-ADU 2000-2002)
  • “MEPA. Model of Adult Democratic Education”. Project financed by the Socrates Programme under the action Grundtvig, European Commission. (71226-CP-2-2000-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-ADU 2000-2001)


  • European Multicultural Dialogue – Grundtvig 2202-2003 (2002 - 0987 / 001-001 AFE – AFEINT)


  • “New Technologies and Social Participation”. Project financed by l’Acció Grundtvig2 de la European Commission (03-ESP01-S2G01-00031-1).
  • “For a Europe of Equality of Differences” (Per una Europa de la Igualtat de les diferències). Project financed by la Direcció General d’Educació i Cultura (Sector de “Col.laboració amb la Societat Civil”) de la Comissió Europea (DG EAC/PS/2003/121).


  • “Puentes de diálogo de la Ciudadanía a Europa y al Mundo”.) Project financed by the Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission (2004-0626/001-001).
  • “eQuality: Virtual Spaces of democratic dialogue among cultures, about the Image”. Project financed by the eLearning Programme of the European Commission. (EAC/62/03 ES008).


  • Project INTO JLS / 2004 / INTI / 074 - INTO Financed by Grundtvig 1 Action of Socrates Programme Directorate General for Education and Culture.


  • Project STEP (Steps Towards European Participation). Finançat per Socrates Programme Directorate General for Education and Culture

As partners:

“MOSAIC – Models of Synergetic Activities in Immigrant Counselling”. Project financed by the Socrates Programme under the action Grundtvig1 de la European Commission (104252-CP-1- 2002-1-IT- GRUNDTVIG-G1).

SCALA – coordinated by Department of Education Development DEIS Ireland - Grundtvig 1 2004-2006 (116839 – CP – 1- 2004- 1- IE-GRUNDVIG - G1)

THE Knowledge Shop coordinated by AKDEMIE ÜBERLINGEN GERMANY Grundtvig 2, 2004- 2005 (04 – ESPO1 – S2G01- 00193 – 1)

Gathering in the Cyberspace (Cyber Debates). Project financed under the Socrates Programme under the action Grundtvig. (71238-CP-2-2000-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-ADU 2000-2001)

Eur-alpha. European network for adult literacy and numeracy - coordinated by Lire et Ecrire Communauté française . Project financed under the GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Networks. (2009-2012).

Family Math for Adult Learners coordinated by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Project financed under the Grundtvig Multilateral projects 54135-2009-LLP-ES-GRUNDTVOG-GMP.


In the period 2009-2012 Facepa has developed with the support of the Catalan Government educational material in Catalan for litearcy named "Lletres per tothom".