Schweizerischer Verband für Weiterbildung (SVEB)

Swiss Federation for Adult Learning

Ordinary Member

Mr. André Schläfli

Oerlikonerstrasse 38

8057 Zurich, Switzerland

Tel.: (0041) 848 33 34 33

info (at)

Mission statement

«We are the voice of adult learning in Switzerland»

SVEB is the Swiss national umbrella organisation for adult education and operates as a professional association and pressure group. We are represented through offices in all three language regions. In addition, we also manage the Training for Trainers, eduQua and ModuQua offices, which are also represented in the different language regions. Our secretariats in Italian- and French-speaking Switzerland are actively supported by regional networks.

For more than 60 years we have pioneered adult learning in Switzerland. We have campaigned for an effective and forward-looking adult education system and devoted ourselves to achieving a high level of quality in adult learning opportunities throughout Switzerland. We set high standards in the work we do, which includes developing innovative approaches to adult education and the conditions surrounding it. An optimal network of diverse players is a key aim for us and forms the basis for our activities.

The 650 SVEB members represent private and state institutions for adult education, associations, in-house training departments and individuals. SVEB is financed by membership fees, state subsidies, national and European project activities and the sale of services, products and publications.

Main activities

The diverse activities of the SVEB divided into the following areas:

Representing the interests of the members in education policy
The "educational policy" includes activities that improve the general framework for the continuing education. SVEB is actively involved in educational policy developments and comments on current issues.

Promoting professionalisation and the quality of continuing education
The train the trainers (AdA modular system) is the main pillar of professionalisation in the field. To the quality assurance belongs the label eduQua, ModuQua and project work.

Awareness of the continuing education and lifelong learning
Here, the main activity is the learning festival. In addition, the association is active in numerous national and international awareness raising projects.

Networking of all stakeholder of the continuing education
SVEB creates networking platforms for its members to build their own networks national and abroad and links partners from education, politics, economics together.

Promotion of equal opportunities in education
SVEB is committed to the promotion of basic skills of adults. He developed principles and perspectives in the areas of labor market ability, 50plus, integration and training in SMEs.

Communications and Events
Through media coverage and the information in suitable media, the perception of the training is being constantly reinforced. In addition, the SVEB is present with its own events in the education landscape in Switzerland.

Marketing and Services
This area also includes the various membership services, the SVEB administration and the marketing and distribution of SVEB products.

International projects

2014 SVEB is active in the following projects:

Name Duration Web
ShareIT 2014 - 2015
A and O 2013 - 2015
2nd Chance 2013 - 2015
ConCert 2013 - 2015
VALBUK 2013 - 2014 http://www
InfoNet III 2012 - 2015
ValiSkills 2012 - 2014
BeLL 2011 - 2013
PS-TTT 2010 - 2013

Project overview with all ongoing projects on


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