Київського університету імені Бориса Грінченка

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Associate Member

Olga Veselovska (Head of the International Department)

Vorovskogo Str, 18/2

04053 Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel.: (00380) 44 272 18 62

partner (at) kubg.edu.ua


Mission statement

Priorities (strategic goals) of the University's development:

  • Introducing new perspective majors;
  • Increasing the quality of educational services and ensuring their correspondence to national, European and international standards and requirements of Bologna process;
  • Curriculum modernization (curriculum, programs, education's content);
  • Introducing innovative approaches, methods and tools of education in the University;
  • Reinforcement of scientific-expert support of Kyiv's development;
  • Providing effective interaction and collaboration with the services' customers and clients;
  • Intensifying activity in the international and European educational space.

Main activities

According to the University Statute its activities are:
1. Education - principal disciplines:

  • Pedagogy (preschool, primary school, art, music, physical culture)
  • Law
  • Philology
  • Practical Psychology
  • Social Pedagogy
  • History
  • Informational Sciences
  • Management of Organisation
  • Management in Education

2. Research:

  • Conferences, seminars, round-tables, forums
  • Doctoral study program
  • Researches
  • Scientific publications
  • Student scientific community

Special boards for awarding doctoral degree in:

    • General Pedagogy and History of Pedagogy
    • Theory and Methodology of Professional Education
    • History of Ukraine
    • Philology (Ukrainian)

3. Social humanitarian activity
4. International activity
5. Innovations:

  • Modern educational technologies;
  • Staff development program.

The activities of the University are based on a modern education paradigm which looks at education as a main factor and mechanism of individual development; forming spiritual, moral, intellectual and creative qualities of a person.

International projects

"Waldorf Pedagogy Development" (Internationale Assoziation für Waldorfpädagogik);
"Center of Innovative Knowledge" (The World Bank);
"Training for Managers in Education: European Levels - Standards - Competencies" (Linnaeus University);
"Legal educators competence - a key rule of law in education" (Foundation "Renaissance");
"Forming an open educational environment for developing the legal competence of educators" (Foundation "Renaissance");
"Inclusive Eduation" (Heidelberg University)
"Peer coaching" (Microsoft)


Publications in 2010:

  • 155 researches in pedagogic scientific journals
  • 33 publications in foreign editions
  • 9 textbooks (approved by the Ministry of Education and Science)
  • 5 monographs

Some of our publications:

  • Kalashnikova S. Adult education on the basis of competence approach: teaching materials. - Kyiv, 2008.
  • Kalashnikova S. Educational paradigm of professionalization on the principles of leadership. - Kyiv, 2010. - 390 p.
  • Kalashnikova S. Principles of professional training of educational institutions heads (Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University experience) // Vyshcha shkola: scientific and practical edition. - Kyiv, 2010. - № 9. - P.25-33.
  • Diatlenko N. Andragogical approach to postgraduate education preschool teachers // Osvitologichniy dyskurs. - 2010. - № 1. - Electronic resource: http://innovations.kmpu.edu.ua/ENFV/2010_1/10dnmvdz.pdf
  • Burenko V. Pedagogical conditions of motivational readiness of students to study during a second higher education // Osvitologichniy dyskurs. - 2010. - № 2. - Electronic resource: http://innovations.kmpu.edu.ua/ENFV/2010_2/10bvmvam.pdf
  • Kocherhа A. Innovative approaches to the organization process of the school courses teacher qualifications // Osvitologichniy dyskurs. - 2010. - № 2. - Electronic resource: http://innovations.kmpu.edu.ua/ENFV/2010_2/10kovpkp.pdf
  • Proceedings of the International scientific conference "Andragogy and Life Long Learning: Educational Ideals of Human Society" on 13th September, 2010 at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University are published in:
  • The pedagogical process: theory and practice. Scientific Papers. In two parts. - Kyiv. 2010. Dedicated to the XI week of adult education in Ukraine modern family education for adults. 11-17 September 2010.