How to join

1) Share your events!

Let us know if during 2017 you’re organising:

  • An Adult Learners’ or Lifelong Learning festival
  • A discussion on a Manifesto topic at your General Assembly
  • A conference on a Manifesto topic
  • A (social) media campaign highlighting the Manifesto topic
  • Other events to take part in the campaign.

Send the information (what, when and where - and how it links to the Manifesto) about your events to eaea-office(a) or use the form below.

2) Link your event to one or several Manifesto topics or build an event around it!

You can find more information about the Manifesto and its topics here.

3) Use our logo and promotional material when communicating about your event!

4) Use the campaign hashtags!

  • When communicating about your events link them to the campaign by using the campaign hashtag: #YearAE2017
  • Encourage your audience to share on social media learner stories and thoughts on what the Manifesto topics mean in their everyday life with the hashtags: #PowerOfLearning and/or#JoyOfLearning.

6) Collect the 3 key messages and a best practice of your event and share them with us!

Add your 3 key messages or conclusions and a best practice that was introduced in your event and share them on the campaign Padlet board. Just add a note to the board with the key messages from your event, the best practice you learned and want to share and additionally photos, videos, texts or links to your event. The Padlet will be open to all the event organisers and you can enter it to get ideas anytime by using the link above.

EAEA will collect the key messages and best practices from the Padlet and share them with policy-makers and adult educators around Europe at the end of the campaign year.

Share your event information here!