Merja Kyllönen, Left Alliance, Finland

1. What does lifelong learning mean to you?

Equality of education and the possibility to get education and strengthen one's capacity throughout life.

2. How will you support the promotion of adult education and lifelong learning if you are elected?

Equality work in eduction and working model of lifelong learning needs to be included in all decision making.

3. In your opinion and experience, how can different disadvantaged groups (elderly, migrants etc.) be included in lifelong learning in order to support their social inclusion?

Alternative methods to learn, learning by doing and strengthening of basic skills is important especially in cooperation with the non-formal adult education sector. As the non-formal adult education sector is often project-based, the sector needs to be supported and enable the function of non-formal adult education across the EU.

4. What do you see as the role for non-formal adult education in helping to implement EU educational policy?

The sector is often neglected and its role needs to be strengthened because it brings the opportunity for lifelong learning for everyone.

5. How will you support the work of civil society actors in promoting adult education?

The project funding needs to be more focused. Even a small amount of money can bring results in education especially in the countries that are lacking behind.

6. Would you support a “European Flagship campaign on adult education and learning” and if yes, how?

I can support the campaign for example by taking part in events or other occasions where the campaign is promoted.