Nils Torvalds, Swedish People's Party/ALDE, Finland

Current MEP.

1. What does lifelong learning mean to you?

As an adult and an MEP I too have had to learn many new things.

2. How will you support the promotion of adult education and lifelong learning if you are elected?

Changing conditions increase the need for people to engage in adult education. This engagement I promote especially as the chairman of the board of the Swedish Adult Education Centre of Finland.

3. In your opinion and experience, how can different disadvantaged groups (elderly, migrants etc.) be included in lifelong learning in order to support their social inclusion?

The support for these groups is mainly a part of the competence of the EU member states. In the adult education centre I lead special attention has been given to the learning needs of migrants. The elderly already are among the biggest consumer groups of adult education.

4. What do you see as the role for non-formal adult education in helping to implement EU educational policy?

Non-formal adult education doesn’t currently have a very big role in the EU education policy which has mainly focused in the education of young people.

5. How will you support the work of civil society actors in promoting adult education?

By continuing to work hard as the chairman of the adult education centre.

6. Would you support a “European Flagship campaign on adult education and learning” and if yes, how?

I believe the appropriate way would be to support the EU cohesion funds which could also provide funding for the initiative.