Ulla TornaesUlla Tørnæs, Venstre, Denmark

1. What does lifelong learning mean to you?

To me lifelong learning means that you have to acquire new knowledge all through life – both in the formal adult and further education system, by non-formal adult education, but also through learning and practical experiences in the labour market.

2. How will you support the promotion of adult education and lifelong learning if you are elected?

Basically this is for the member states themselves to decide and handle, but in the European Parliament we must be aware that we do not make decisions that limit the possibilities for adult education and lifelong learning in the member states.

3. In your opinion and experience, how can different disadvantaged groups (elderly, migrants etc.) be included in lifelong learning in order to support their social inclusion?

In the ordinary labour market we have lots of options to include different disadvantaged groups and – in that way – to secure there link to and inclusion in society. This also goes for their opportunities for lifelong learning like everybody else.

4. What do you see as the role for non-formal adult education in helping to implement EU educational policy?

As a supplement to the ordinary formal educational system.

5. How will you support the work of civil society actors in promoting adult education?

This must be voluntary since it is outside the legal framework of EU.

6. Would you support a “European Flagship campaign on adult education and learning” and if yes, how?

Education and learning are crucial to a dynamic labour market – and this is true all through life.

Photo: ullatrns/Flickr