Adult education and health

EAEA's annual theme 2015

Every year, EAEA chooses two topics as annual themes of the year. In 2015, EAEA concentrates on health and development.

Main aspects

  • Health and well-being: the benefits of adult education in terms of health (personal development, well-being, increased self-confidence, etc.)
  • Health literacy: the capacity of people to understand how to deal with their health (indications of a doctor, instruction leaflets on medicines, information leaflets on illnesses, etc.)
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles: courses on nutrition or cooking but also yoga and gym classes, etc.


22 June 2015: EAEA Annual Conference 2015: "Health and Health Literacy in Adult Education in Europe"

22 June 2015: EAEA Grundtvig Award 2015 dedicated to the topics of health and health literacy

23 June 2015: Workshop with EAEA members at the EAEA General Assembly to discuss health literacy and adult education and health

December 2015: Policy reception (exact date tbc)


Members involved in health