Intergenerational Learning for European Active Citizenship - ILEAC

The project aims at giving youngest and oldest citizens the opportunity to reflect on the reasons behind the European integration; boosting the debate on the relevance of EU policies on citizens' daily lives; and initiating an intergenerational dialogue about the significance of the European values providing the target groups with the knowledge to actively participate to the EU democratic process.


The core of the project will be the national seminars and the inter-action workshops:

  1. Each partner will organise a public one-day seminar in each country, paying particular attention in involving over-65 adults and under-30 youngsters among participants. Each seminar will consist of two parts: a general framework on the European functioning provided by experts and "European stories", a discussion moment where small groups of over-65 citizens will tell life stories and personal testimonies regarding the life in Europe before the beginning of the integration process.
  2. Each partner will organize a one-day workshop in each country, in which over-65 adults and under-30 youngsters, will be divided into groups, each of them will then identify specific issues in their country (or city) and will try to use a EU tool to solve it.

All the project´s activities will be characterised by non-formal and intergenerational learning approach.

A final conference will be organized in Turin (Italy) in November 2014, to disseminate the project's results; raise awareness on the importance of the EU and the EP elections; and contribute to the debate on the methodologies to foster the intergenerational dialogue and the link between adult education and active citizenship.



Each activity will produce a concrete output, in order to guarantee the project´s sustainability:

- A publication which collects stories emerged form the seminars, offering a transnational point of view that overcome the national individual situations, fostering reflection on the cost of non - EU and supporting at the same time the preservation of the European memory.

- Online modules which will contain the general methodology to be used in an intergenerational workshop and allow to replicate this intergenerational experience on a larger scale.

- Conference recommendations on how the EU can be more reachable and understood.



  • Centre of Initiative for Europe (ITALY) - Coordinator
  • Eurocircle - Marseille (FRANCE)
  • International Platform for Citizen Participation - Plovdiv (BULGARIA)
  • Centre for Civic Education - Podgorica (MONTENEGRO)
  • Socialna akademija - Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)
  • Vimmerby folkhögskola - Vimmerby (SWEDEN)