ARALE conference

The ARALE Conference took place in Brussels on 2nd and 3rd of October 2013.

ARALE Conference

The ARALE Conference took place in Brussels on 2nd and 3rd of October 2013 – two thirds into the project period. 70 persons from 21 countries participated.
The conference presented the results of the project – so far. In a number of presentations adult learning organizers from many countries presented their best practice examples of awareness raising activities, chosen from the submissions to the project survey.

All three elements of the project were represented:

  • Campaigning towards the general public
  • Campaigning towards special target groups
  • Campaigning towards policy makers – advocacy

Opening and inspiring the conference was a presentation of the results of another European project, the BeLL project, about the Benefits of Lifelong Learning. At the end of the conference a representative of the European Commission informed the participants about the new educational programme of the EU: ERASMUS +

As the project coordinator, Tania Berman said in her presentation that the conference was meant to be:

  • a place to learn about other activities
  • a place to discuss
  • a place to share your opinion
  • a place to provide your analysis and your question

On this conference website we intend to document that this really happened. By presenting the conference presentations and deliberations so comprehensively, we hope to share the knowledge and the experiences of the participants with the rest of the European adult learning community.

On this website you will find:

  • A brief article on the conference, “Enthusiasm raises awareness”
  • An article on each of the 10 presentations
  • The participants’ views and input, divided into 6 different themes
  • An article about the panel debate, including Dana Bachmann, Head of vocational training and adult education Unit, European Commission.
  • 3 interviews with participants from Slovenia, Italy and Portugal

This webreport is written by Michael Voss, information officer of the Danish Adult Education Association (DAEA). The DAEA is a partner organisation of the ARALE project.

You can find here the publication of the conference report.