How to raise awareness on adult education towards the general public?

The ARALE survey analysed awareness raising activities targeting the general public.






Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education

Lifelong Learning Week in Croatia

The Agency organises and carries out the annual Lifelong Learning Week in Croatia. It promotes adult education by addressing the citizens directly. In 2013, the Agency organised the Lifelong Learning Week opening ceremony, International Literacy Day and Lifelong Learning Fair and co-organised two conferences.



Learning Saturday

"Learning Saturday" is a one-day version of the Adult Learners´ Week. Its objectives are to make the broad spectrum of learning possibilities for adults known to a wider audience and to form local partnerships between adult education providers.


AONTAS : the National Adult Learning Organisation

Adult Learner´s Festival

The Adult Learners' Festival is a nationwide celebration of adult learning coordinated by AONTAS. Events are taking place nationwide, including anything from information sessions, taster workshops, sample lectures to small gatherings of people who love to learn.


Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL)

Adult Learner's Week

NAAL is the Norwegian coordinator of Adult Learners' Week.


In the city of Torres Vedras

Andar na Rua

The Portuguese project "Andar na Rua" encourages citizens to walk in the streets together as a way to empower them and to give them ownership of the city while learning about it.



Formula Mentoring

The project seeks to address engagement with adult learners from our most socially and economically deprived communities and their progression to "go one step up" with their education, using mentors.


Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE)

Lifelong Learning Week

The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education work in close cooperation with about 30-35 regional and thematic coordinators, mainly adult education centers to organise the Lifelong Learning Week (LLW) in Slovenia every year since 1996.

The Netherlands

Learn for Life

Annual Learning Festival

"Learn for Life" is Annual Learning Festival in the Netherlands.