Awareness Raising for Adult Learning and Education

The ARALE Project aims to collect awareness raising and advocacy activities for adult education in Europe directed at the general public, at specific target groups and at policy-makers.

Introduction to ARALE recommendations

We hope that these five groups of recommendations will become tools in the work of adult learning organisations and institutions throughout Europe. In these five groups we have tried to synthesize the results of the ARALE project. They are based on:

  • The submissions made for a survey by adult education organisations around Europe
  • The presentations at the ARALE Conference
  • The inputs of the participants at the ARALE Conference, during open space sessions, workshops and interviews

Even the structure of the recommendations is the indirect decision of all the people who contributed to ARALE. The recommendations are divided into five groups, because it was on these five themes that we received the most substantial input.

  • How to convince policy-makers
  • How to reach out to potential learners
  • How to organise Lifelong Learning Weeks
  • How to best use role models
  • How to attract and cooperate with sponsors

As you will see, most recommendations are about the advocacy theme. It is a life-and-death issue for the adult education community to build good relations with policy makers and convince them to make decisions that create better working conditions and funding for adult learning.

From the submissions and during the conference it became obvious that a lot of experiences have been made from Lifelong Learning Weeks. Many of these recommendations are also valid for other outreach activities.

In extracting and presenting these recommendations it has been our aim to heed the advice that we have received for advocacy and campaigning: Keep it simple – be brief and clear. For that reason you will not find examples and arguments in this section. We encourage you to look in the ARALE submissions and the Conference articles to find that.

We are very much aware that this is neither a full nor a finished set of recommendations. We rather like to see it as a work-in-progress. As ARALE partners we pledge to continue the work of disseminating these results and collecting more knowledge and experience in awareness raising on adult learning.

To read the recommendations, you can choose to consult this webpage, following the menu on the left side of the page, or read the publication attached below.

Here is the publication of the recommendations.