3. How to organise Lifelong Learning Weeks

3.1. Ensure a national coordination
  • A strong national coordination is necessary. This is necessary to create an event during a short time frame on a country wide scale.
  • The national level is the first coordinator of the event.
  • Promotion of the event is a key task for the national coordination – through a common logo, through media actions and the coordination.

3.2. Regional or local coordinators
  • A great way to have a strong connection to the local level is to have local, regional or thematic coordinators.
  • Staff members from adult education centers will be right for the task because they know best how to address local target groups and how to organize in the specific local community according to the places, the human resources, the local activities, etc.
  • Local coordinators can be intermediates between local and national level and between different local event organisers.
  • Make room for bottom-up-approach and allow local coordinators and organisers to take decisions at the different levels.

3.3. Create partnerships
  • Cooperate with partners, both from the national level and from the regional or local level.
  • Create local partnerships or local networks between adult education providers (both formal and informal) and also other organisations (libraries, job centres …)
  • Involve many organizations, like adult education institutions, schools, cultural institutions, public libraries, employment service, public local authorities.
  • Create partnerships at the national level with other national umbrella organisations.
  • Media and media representatives are also important partners.
  • Make sure that all partners benefit from the event and are happy with its outcomes.

3.4. Be visible
  • Have clear and simple messages that everybody can understand
  • A common logo helps the LLL Week to be visible.
  • Organise events in places where ordinary citizens pass by – the idea is to go to the learners, and not to ask learners to come to the events.
  • Fun can be a major part of the activities, as the objective is to show that learning is an attractive activity.

3.5. Celebrate the learner and the learning activity
  • Make it a happy moment by celebrating.
  • Make the learners proud of their achievements.
  • Organise awards and award ceremonies and competitions.
  • Make the events festival-like.
  • All this can help attracting media attention and a wider public.

3.6. Adapt best practises from other countries
  • Have a look at what other countries do and how they succeed.
  • Do not copy other countries but think about how to implement it in your country, taking into consideration the cultural and historical differences of the country.