4. How to best use role models

4.1. Involve the learner
  • Role models are great motivators for adult learners
  • Especially if they themselves have gained a lot by participating in adult education courses.
  • Especially if they strongly believe in what they do and are therefore able to motivate others.
  • Listening to a role model encourages future learners, as they feel “I am not the only one”
  • Beware not to “misuse” the learners and to hurt their privacy, but to represent them in a meaningful way

4.2. Have different types of role models
  • Use different types of role models from different learning paths or different areas. This will appeal to different types of adult learners.
  • Local role models may have a special effect.
  • Famous people and celebrities are good as role models – based on their experiences,
  • Establish a pool of people to draw on.