5. How to attract and cooperate with sponsors

5. 1. Find sponsors
  • Communicate your benefits to attract and gain sponsors.
  • Define your product and present it accurately.
  • Keep your message simple, so that people can relate to them.
  • Find private companies that will have an interest in adult education.
  • Use personal contacts to overcome the filters within companies – also contacts of your staff and your learners.
  • Try the local level and local contacts.
5.2. Communicate
  • Create connections - Make it personal.
  • Partnerships are about dialogue, interaction and exchange, it’s not a one-way relationship.
  • Be able to offer them something in return, like an audience for a specific campaign or product.
  • Find out how it connects to the specific brands of the companies – or to their customers or their staff.
  • Put together reports – and show how the money is spent, in a concrete way.
5.3. New ideas
  • Present new ideas, like for example every time a ticket is sold at a cinema they will hand out a postcard informing the customer about adult education activities.