Partner projects


Transnational Peer Review for Quality Assurance in Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning (VNFIL) Extended

The project aims to increase the transparency, market relevance, consistency and transferability of VNFIL across Europe. It supports both Member State VNFIL systems by providing a common framework and tools, as well as transnational use of VNFIL by increasing mutual trust at the European level.


The aim of the SMART GENERATION project is to develop an innovative training model at the European level in order to promote a conscious use of the smartphone, its potential and its risks, and to open a public debate on the role of digital technologies in social relationships between young people and between generations.

Let Europe Know About Adult Education

The main objective for the LEK-AE project is to increase the professionalization and quality of information work of adult education staff. In seminars, webinars and simulation games that are developed and designed in the project, adult education staff will learn more about public relations and journalistic writing. Furthermore, they will acquire skills to give this knowledge further to their colleagues and peers in adult education.

DIMA – A Toolkit for Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Adult Education

The aim of DIMA is to create a practical and innovative toolkit for developing, implementing and monitoring coherent and participative adult education strategies. This, in turn, will allow adult education providers and local authorities to actively contribute to national and EU adult education policies, increasing adult participation in education and training in a lifelong learning perspective.

 Live & Learn

The project is inspired by two observations, shared by most European education policy documents and relevant studies. Firstly, there is a clear need to increase participation in adult education across Europe; and secondly, new ways of sharing best practices among European adult educators must be found. We want to address these needs in an innovative way: through the medium of videos.

EDU-FIN - Financial Literacy for young adults at risk

Financial literacy is especially low among certain demographic groups. One of these collectives is young adults at risk. EDU-FIN aims to establish a learning curriculum on financial education based on the contribution of young adults at risk which will allow to meet their real needs on financial literacy.

AEMA - Adult Education Made Accessible

The AEMA-Network consists of twelve organisations from eleven European Countries. It aims at contributing to an increased participation rate of people with disabilities in Adult Education; increasing the number of Adult Education providers who make a publicly visible commitment to increasing Accessibility in their own organisations; and developing sustainable national and European networks committed in moving the Accessibility Agenda further.

 LQN - Lebensqualität durch Nähe

 Lebensqualität durch Nähe (Quality of life through proximity) is a comprehensive qualification and training programme developed and implemented with citizens in order to encourage them to jointly shape their local community through participatory projects.


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