In this section you will find projects on validation carried out by EAEA and its members.

EAEA projects

Widening Roma women´s access to non-formal and informal learning validation systems ( ROM-ACT)

The main aim of ROM-ACT is to widen recognition of the skills and competences that the targeted women have acquired in formal and non-formal activities. Furthermore the project aims at encouraging AE centres and civil society organizations to support them in their process of informal and non-formal learning validation; and sensitizing the public opinion and the policy-makers about the need of improving the validation systems´ inclusiveness.


Mutual recognition of skills and competences learned through volunteering - towards a European debate (MOVE)

The project aimed at producing a European overview on the different models of assessing or accrediting skills and competences through volunteering and start a debate on how best practices are transferable to other countries and target groups.

Recognising Formal, Infomal and Non-formal Education (REFINE) 

The project´s aims were to test the tools for a European methodological framework for the recognition of non-formal and informal learning (as recommended by the Transfine project funded under the first Joint Action call); to foster trans-national and trans-sectoral collaboration; and to build mutual trust in the practices and procedures.

Members project

Accreditation of Lifelong Learning (ALL)- The project aims at developing a new approach to meet the existing need for easily recognisable quality assurance of continuing education and lifelong learning opportunities. The system will take into account best-practice from the partner countries with the aim of building a comprehensive and usable system of accreditation. The pilot phase will focus on foreign language learning opportunities since this area is one of the most rapidly expanding fields within continuing education and lifelong learning, and hence one of the fields where the need for quality assurance is most felt.

AdValue - Training and validation of adults' transferable skills is a European project aiming to promote the validation of non-formal and informal learning and help adults develop and assess key transferable skills during lifetime.

Assessment and Accreditation of Prior Learning - This development project was established in order to set up a network for the accreditation of non-formal (prior) learning (APL).

Identification, assessment and recognition of informally acquired competences (IBAK) - The project aims encouraging adult education institutions and their management and pedagogical staff to foster the idea of lifelong learning, to develop specific methodical competencies by applying in practice already tried and trusted.