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Dialogic approach to learning as the backbone of the school

EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2017. The Adult School of La Verneda – Sant Marti uses dialogic learning methods and easy-access approach to engage learners.

EAEA launches policy messages to highlight ways to support refugees through adult education

EAEA's new campaign draws attention to the linkages between adult education and refugee integration.

Two-way integration in Italy

ADULT EDUCATION AND REFUGEES. “The key is making sure that asylum seekers don’t lose their independence,” says Miriam Salussolia from Lai-momo, a cooperative managing reception facilities in Italy. One year after Lai-momo applied for the Grundtvig Award, EAEA visited its new reception and training centre to see how non-formal learning can contribute to building a diverse and close-knit community.

Prompt and seamless validation of refugees’ prior learning: Need of the Hour

How can adult education ensure successful integration of refugees into society in the long term? EAEA invited care providers from Germany and Serbia at the event ‘Refugee Inclusion: taking stock of adult education achievements and challenges’ to share their insights.

EAEA Policy Lunch: 'Adult education: Achievements and Challenges Ahead'

Brussels, Belgium

EAEA General Assembly and Annual Conference

28–29 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium

EAEA Policy Debate: Adult education and refugees

28 September 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Conference: Adult learning & communities in a world on the move: between national tensions and transnational challenges

25-27 May 2017, Wrocław, Poland

Webinar: Outreach in Adult Education - Role and Challenges of National Policies

7 November 2017, online

implOED Conference: Diversity in Adult Education

17 November 2017, Helsinki, Finland